Top 10 Reasons Why Swimming Is the Best Exercise for Women

With so much conflicting information that comes from multiple sources, eating for two during the most significant nine months of your life may seem like a nerve-cracking responsibility.

With the mercury rising up, people start finding up reasons to go into the pool to get some relief from the scorching heat of summers. But, is a refreshing dip in the pool just another way to cool off. Well, it’s much more than that.

There are many benefits of swimming every day, which go far beyond losing weight. While swimming is expedient for everyone, including men, women and kids, but the swimming benefits for women are innumerable, and this makes it an ideal workout regime for all the women.

In today’s busy and stressful lives, one needs to find out some way to relax their mind and burn the extra calories from their body which may be the primary reason behind a number of ailments.

Swimming is one of the exercises that allows you to skip those boring exercises in the gym and yet, indulge in a rigorous and effective workout. While swimming, an average person can burn up to 550 calories per hour.

Given the physical and mental benefits of swimming, it can rightly be regarded as one of the best workouts you can indulge in.

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Here are the top 10 reasons that signify that why swimming is the best exercise for women.

In fact, one may need to eat about 400 additional calories each day to support the baby’s growth and development. But, where should those calories come from?

1. Swimming is the Perfect Calorie Burner

Without lifting too heavy weights and running on that treadmill for hours, you can easily lose weight and burn your calories by swimming. It not only burns calories, but is also the best fitness solution for your stubborn belly pooch.

While the exact number of calories burned by swimming depends on its intensity and the length, but, even if you swim for 10 minutes day, you will start feeling lighter in just two weeks.

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2. It Improves Your Body’s Flexibility

The range of movements and motions required for swimming gives an  amazing flexibility to your body. Swimming is the only exercise where each part of the body is in action, and the entire body is required to move efficiently.

While it is a low impact exercise, but the way it stretches all the muscles of the body, makes the arms do arch movements, and requires the legs to perform gentle strokes, it definitely contributes greatly in making your body immensely flexible.

3. Swimming Helps In Toning Your Muscles

Water is about 12 times denser than the air, and thus, the body undergoes a rigorous workout during swimming.  As a result, the muscles get toned and the muscle strength improves considerably. The constant use of arms and leg muscles gives them a toned appearance, and a fine shape.

4. It Leads to Healthier Heart

The health experts and doctors from across the globe have stated that just a 30 minutes of swimming everyday significantly reduces the chances of the coronary heart disease by 40 percent in women.

Swimming, being an aerobic exercise helps in strengthening of the heart, and during swimming the pumping of blood to different parts of our body becomes much faster than the normal.

So, not just the heart muscles get strengthened, but the body’s inflammatory response also improves, resulting in a healthy and strong heart.

5. It Targets The Underworked Muscles

While swimming, you use almost every muscle on your body, and especially the arm muscles. Thus, the constantly under-worked muscles in the arm area such as lats, traps and deltoids also get the much needed workout.

Another benefit of swimming for women is that it helps in developing and strengthening the most deep stabilizing muscles  in your lower back and core.

6. It Lowers The Risk Of Diabetes

The diabetic patients are always suggested to keep themselves indulged in water, air and exercise, and what can be better than swimming. It’s an ideal workout for the diabetic people, as it does not require extraordinary strength, is gentle on the joints yet an effective way to control your blood sugar, blood pressure and the diabetes.

Also, the women who are regular swimmers have lowered risk of developing diabetes, both Type I and Type II.

7. Swimming Decreases Your Acute Stress Levels

According to the health experts, swimming gives your brain a break from the stressful life and the constant over-stimulation which we often face in today’s fast lifestyle.

-Swimming being a tranquillizing activity generates endorphins, the feel-good hormones and thus, helps in decreasing the acute stress levels.

8. Swimming Gives You A Longer Life

While every exercise that helps in enhancing the blood-flow in the body and strengthening immune system contributes to your life’s longetivity, but swimming is one of the best sports activities which can help a person live longer.

-As per the heath experts, it is a strenuous yet relaxing exercise, and that’s why it’s not harsh on your joints, muscles and body but delivers extraordinary benefits.

9. It’s A Perfect Low-Impact Exercise

Water has a very low impact on the body’s articulations and that’s’ why swimming is an ideal workout for those who cannot put extra pressure on their joints. One cam swim at higher intensities, burn more calories, use more muscle strength and yet avoid any tear or damage to the body, joints or muscles.

10. Swimming Helps You Overcome Asthma

During swimming, we are unable to inhale as much oxygen as we do when we are out of the water. As a result, the body starts adapting to the lower levels of oxygen and learns to make the efficient use of it.

Also, the body learns to increase its intake of fresh air with every breath and start expelling more carbon dioxide during exhalation.

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Consequently, due to increased breathing control and improved lung function, the people suffering from asthma feel better and develop body strength to fight its symptoms.

Whether you want to try swimming to lose weight fast, or overcome the day to day stress, it is one of the best activities you must have on your daily to-do list. So, stop waiting and grab your swim suits. It’s the time to swim!!!

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