5 Best and Worst Foods For Getting Healthy Teeth

We all are aware of the healthy teeth rituals which must be followed every day. But, at the same time, it’s important to consume the right set of food items to get healthy teeth and gums naturally. Brushing twice a day, flossing the teeth at least thrice a week, use mouthwash two times a day and visit a dentist for a regular checkup once every six months. But, does the oral health care ends here or are you required to do some more to maintain healthy and strong teeth.

While these are good teething habits, but they may not be able to give you complete protection against tooth decay and cavities. One of the biggest reasons behind these oral ailments is the food we eat. There are certain food items which put your teeth at significant risk. However, there are some other food items which help in making the teeth stronger, healthier and disease-free.

Here is your ultimate guide which introduces you to the five best food items for which are not only tooth friendly, but help the teeth to gain strength and improve oral health. Also, there are 5 food items which you must start avoiding as they can contribute to tooth decay.

5 Best Food for Healthy Teeth

Milk and Yogurt

Rich in protein and calcium, milk and yogurt are among the best food for gaining strength and health of your teeth. Yogurt, is especially high in probiotics, also known as good bacteria benefit your gums and crowd out the bad bacteria which may cause tooth cavities. However, ensure that you choose the plain yogurt and milk, and not the sugar rich store bought processed milk or yogurt.


While Apple is a sweet fruit, but its sweetness is not bad for your teeth an mouth. Apple, which is rich in water and fibre, produces a lot of Saliva when you eat it. This saliva rinses your mouth and flushes out the bacteria and the left over food particles. Also, the gums are stimulated by the fibrous texture of the Apple. Eating an Apple isn’t same like brushing the teeth, but it can tide your mouth until you brush your teeth.


Many people might not like eating celery owing to its pesky strings, watery content and blandness, but eating a celery is like brushing your teeth. It not only scrapes the bacteria and food particles away from your teeth, but being an antioxidant, it gives an ideal boost to your gum health.


Low in sugar and high in protein, fibre and calcium, the almonds are very good for your teeth. Simply incorporate a quarter cup of almonds in your diet and enjoy stronger teeth. Almonds have a lot of health benefits apart from strengthening the teeth, so, you must regularly consume some almonds as an evening snack or with your meals.


Another natural, crunchy and fibre rich food item which is exceedingly good for maintaining healthy teeth is a carrot. By eating a raw carrot with or at the end of your meal enhances the saliva production in the mouth while reducing the risk of cavities. Carrots are an immensely good source of vitamin A and C, and thus, it gives your gum health a significant boost.

5 Worst Food for Teeth

Colas and Sodas

Most of us are aware of the fact that sodas and colas are not good for our health in multiple ways, but, they affect your oral health too. The combination of the carbonation, acids and sugar is the biggest enemy of your teeth. The continuous indulgence with these drinks will not wear down your tooth enamel, but will also become the reason behind the tooth decay and cavities.


Chewing downs candies, rich in sugar is really bad for your oral health. While the sugary candies can initiate the formation of the cavities in the teeth, any leftover particles from candies or gooey chewing gums can get stuck between the teeth, and the crevices and become yummy fodder for the bacteria capable of causing harm to your oral health.


Pickles, which get their sour taste from the vinegar are rich in acidic components, and their acid richness makes them a significant hazard for the tooth enamel. Eating pickles more than once a day enhances the chances of tooth wear by as much as 85%. The acidic properties of the components of pickles left struck in the tooth crevices can cause major harm to the enamel, and result in enamel erosion.


Though, a bad news for the coffee addicts, but that morning cup of coffee without which you cannot manage is putting your oral health at risk. Coffee and some teas possess tannic acid, which not only stains the teeth, but also wears down its enamel. So, if you don’t want to give up coffee, it’s important to rinse your mouth with water after having it so that any remains of the tannic acid are washed away.

Citrus Fruits

Well, it may surprise you, but the citrus fruits which are extremely good for your overall health might harm your teeth. Fruits like lemons, grapefruits, oranges, etc. are loaded with the citric acid, and thus, may cause the enamel erosion. These may also become a reason for your tooth decay. However, they affect your oral health when your teeth and gums are exposed to the citric acid present in them for longer hours. Thus, if you want to sip in some lemonade or a glass of orange juice, you can minimize the time your teeth come in contact with it to prevent any issues. Simply gulp your glass of lemonade or orange juice fast, without sipping them slowly. Also, you must rinse your mouth right after it to ensure that none of the citric acid from these juices remains in your mouth to initiate the dental problems for you.

So, now you know what you must eat and what you should avoid to maintain your healthy smile. You must now be having a clear idea about what are the bad food for teeth, and which are good food for teeth. While there are treatments for all sorts of tooth problems, but each problem significantly weakens your teeth and deteriorates your oral health. Thus, it’s best to take the right preventive measures and avoid all sorts of problems which may affect your teeth or gums.

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