Exceptional and Best Telemedicine Apps of 2020-21

You want to take a visit to a doctor, But You don’t have time or you afraid of him to take a visit because of covid19, or you live very far-away from the clinic. Well known about it? TELEMEDICINE have played a crucial role in answering it or meantime solution for non-urgent concern.

Through the telemedicine app, you can quickly get service from a doctor without walk away from one step from home. Here are the best telemedicine apps, which have been getting the best ratings, reviews, and overall reliability through users.

9 Best Telemedicine Apps in 2020-21


Connect with medical and pediatricians and access behavioral health care services and psychiatry whenever you need them. MDLIVE gives doctors quick, easy, convenient access to non-emergency issues when your primary care physician is not available. The average waiting time to discuss a state-licensed and the board-certified doctor is less than 15 minutes.

design changes to improve the experience of connecting as well as managing health care needs which are the best changes.

• iOS 14 support.

• Overall bug fixes and developments.

Great reasons to use MDLIVE virtual doctors:

1. You are not feeling up to leaving home.

2. You want to avoid the high cost of Urgent Care or the ER.

3. Your doctor is not available.

4. It is after hours, the weekend, or a holiday.

5. You need a short-term refill on a prescription.

6. It is hard to get to the doctor’s office. 7. You do not want to take time off work or be away from home.

2. Lemon aid

With a $25 doctor consultation and free, fast delivery from the” Lemon aid” Pharmacy, this app offers a simple way to get a diagnosis and treatment. Just select a service and answer basic health questions. Pay your fee, and you’ll get a doctor review within 2 hours or an immediate video consultation.

We can help with

▪ Depression & care

▪ Birth control

▪ Asthma

▪ Migraine

▪ Herpes

▪ STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)

▪ UTIs (urinary tract infections)

▪ Primary care (a video call with our medical team to talk about anything you need)

▪ Blood pressure

▪ Stop Smoking.

3. Live Health Online Mobile

Live Health brings qualified doctors to you whenever you need them. Just sign up, log in, and choose the right doctor for your needs. Doctors are using the application care for everything from flu and bronchitis to allergies, skin infections, and many more. The application also includes licensed physicians, breastfeeding consultants, registered dieticians, and other professionals.

4. Plush Care

With Plush Care, you can get prescriptions and treatments for a variety of ongoing and non-emergency conditions. Choose an appointment time, plug-in any insurance information, and quickly connect to the cutter – simply and effectively.

5. Doctor on Demand

Doctor on demand in which you can See your doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist face to face to see if you have insurance or not. The providers of the application are licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists, and they can treat hundreds of issues via video. Your doctor will take your history and symptoms, examine and recommend treatment.Am well:

6. Doctor Visits 24/7

Am well offers quality medical care on demand. You can schedule visits, often with next-day availability. Before insurance, Amwell services for immediate care are $ 69 or less and up top 200 for an online psychiatric visit.

7. Talk space Therapy & Counseling

Talk space is a convenient, affordable, and effective way to work towards improving your mental health. This subscription service allows you to send unlimited text, audio, picture, or video messages to your physician at any time. You will listen at least once per 5 days a week. You can also choose to add live video sessions..

8. BCBSM Online Visits

This free app helps you to see your doctor with almost any Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) health plan so you don’t have to go to the doctor’s office fees or avoid visiting medical facilities for health. Can we manage health systems reasons?  See a provider for both physical and mental health services, and also request care for your child.

9. Telehealth through Simple Practice

Set up all your virtual doctor visits in this application with a calendar lender system that lets you open your appointments and video chats directly from your booking date. All you need is an app and an internet connection.

10. Old Doc – Health Application

Old doc is One of the leading telemedicine applications in Pakistan, the old apps allow you to choose from over 25,000 medical providers who can treat hundreds of classes of medical conditions with regularly scheduled virtual appointments. Search providers by their features, how much they charge, and how much other app users have rated them and save your medical records and visit information within the app.

Final Thoughts Top Telemedicine Apps

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