Privacy Policy

The privacy of the Health Line Talk visitors is very important to us. The following privacy policy applies to the process that we use to collect, store and process your personal and non-personal information. We ensure the complete safety of your information and store it using advanced storage methodologies which ensure complete security of information against any misuse or unauthorized access. The following privacy policy will make you aware of what type of personal and non-personal information we collect from you. We assure that we will never indulge in selling your personal and other information to any third-party, including your personal details, your email id, etc.

Table of Contents

  • Personal Information Collection
  • Non-Personal Information Collection
  • Cookies
  • Content Policies
  • Changes to Privacy Policy

Personal Information Collection

We collect some of your personally identifiable information to deliver better services to you. The HealthlineBlog reverse its customers’ privacy and understand the need to safeguard the personally identifiable information such as name, address, gender, marital status, age and telephone number which we ask you to share with us. We agree to follow appropriate standards and assure that your privacy is protected on our web sites.

We have strongly put into practice the technology and strict policy guidelines to protect the privacy of your personally identifiable information. We make sure that it can be secured from unauthorized access, improper disclosure, and misuse.

We guarantee that we will not operate, sell or reveal customer’s personal information (including name, address and contact no.) to the third party which we needed for your registration and for using our website without the consent of the customer or user.

Non-Personal Information Collection

We collect a wide array of non-personal information, including your computer’s IP address, Internet Service Provider, the type of browser you are using, operating system installed on your device, the date and time when you visited the website, number of clicks by you to analyse the user behaviour, your movement on the website and any outgoing links that you clicked on the website. This information is not personally identifiable and it is collected to enhance your user experience on the website and to analyze how you are using the website.


We use cookies at HealthlineBlog to store the information about the users, their pattern of navigating the website and their preferences to customise the website browsing experience for them. If you wish to remove all the stored cookies, you will have to check the settings of your web browser on your computer and enable it to refuse any storage of cookies.

Content Policies

The content on our website is mostly written by taking references from the online information present on different websites. We reserve the right to modify, alter, delete or change the information on this website at any time without any prior notification.

The content may not be 100% correct, and it is taken from other web based sources, it may vary from the other printed and online sources of information. The content on the site is only to provide you information about a topic, but we don’t take any liability for its complete accuracy.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We, at Health Line Talk reserve to right, to modify, alter, delete or change the aforementioned privacy policy at any time. To stay updated about any changes, you have to keep on checking this privacy policy from time to time.