How to keep your feet Healthy in 2020?

No one would take care of their feet until it starts hurting. With a sophisticated framework of tendons, 26 bones, muscles, ligaments, etc. your feet have the impact of holding your entire body weight and taking care of your feet is essential to keep you upright and balanced in the life.

Cracked skin, foot odor, corns, fallen arches, fungal infections, ingrown toenails, etc. are some of the problems caused by your feet and caused reduced mobility and discomfort. Leaving your feet without care will bring adverse effects when you age.

Tips to maintain your feet healthily

The simple way to get rid of the foot problems is to maintain a healthy regimen of daily care so that you can keep your feet healthy and clean.

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Top 10 Tips for Keeping Your Feet Healthy and Happy

  1. Clean and Dry Feet

Make sure you are maintaining your feet to be dry and clear, start with good hygiene. Make use of the water and soap to clean and scrub the feet when you bath. You should never leave your feet with water, dry them well to get rid of the virus and bacteria sticking to it.

A foot massage machine will be a better idea if you need to keep it clean and avoid fungal infections.

2. Examine your Feet

Examine your Feet

You need to check your feet especially once in a week while you bath or shower so that you can identify the problems you have with your feet, take a look over the scaling soled between your peeling areas in toes. If there are any nail funguses, then it should be treated immediately to stop further infection. In case of the diabetic person, you should take care of your feet properly and inspect the feet daily is mandatory to get rid of the high risk of infections and foot sores.

3. Cutting Your Toenails

Many people do not care their feet while they cut their nails, make sure you cut them straight across and do not trim it around the nail corners or close to the skin to avoid pain and other infections.

4. Avoid Nail Polish

In the case of cracked, thick, crumbling nail you should not apply nail polish as this can worsen the infected nail a lot and bring more adverse effects in human feet.

5. Feet Protection in Public Areas

Choosing the right type of shoes while you are indoor or outdoor is essential in public places like gyms, public pools, locker rooms, etc. These places act as the fungi breeding grounds, and therefore there are high chances for infections.

6. Do not share footgear.

Wearing other people shoes and footwear can cause infections, never wear different foot gears to avoid the problems caused due to their feet conditions. Have the right boot or footwear type so that you can take care of your feet in a healthy way.

7. Sweaty Foot

Human feet have sweat glands galore about 250,000 in one foot; make sure you are wearing socks to keep your feet dry so that you will not be able to create a moist environment to your feet. Choose the socks that are made with synthetic fibers as they can take off the moisture quicker when compared to the socks that are made of wool or cotton.

8. Breathable Footwear

One of the critical steps in keeping your feet healthy and dry is to choose footwear with breathable options, opt for the shoes that are made of leather so that air can circulate well within the footwear. Prefer to go with shoes that are made of mesh fabrics if you are prone to sweaty feet and this offers maximum breathability.

9. Consulting a Doctor

In case of too much of swelling or pain, do not self-treat. You should immediately consult a doctor to know the problem before it reaches the worse stage. Any pain, redness, discoloration, swellings and other similar feet problems should be checked with a proper podiatric physician so that they can provide the right prescription medicine, also prevents your feet from significant issues.

10. Shoes with right fit

Pick the right fit shoes instead of loose or tight ones as choosing the wrong fit can lead to long-term foot problems. Go for the right brand, style, shape and the one with all features you needed for your working lifestyle. Never opt for the pointy shoes as there are high chances for occurring toes cramps and also causes calluses, ingrown toenails, etc.

Make sure you are following the below checklist before you grab the right shoe for you.

  • Ensure whether your football is fitting perfectly within your chosen shoe’s widest part.
  • Your toes should not rub the tops, so make sure you have maximum depth.
  • You should have at least half inch between the shoe front and your longest toe when you are standing up with the shoe.
  • You should experience any slipping or rubbing when you are walking around with the shoes.

Taking care of your feet is essential to keep them clear, healthy and attractive; you can follow some tips like:

  • Make sure you are not wearing so tight shoes to avoid moisture and sweating.
  • Never share your shoes with any one as there are high chances for infections.
  • Do not share any of the pedicure utensils with your friends or pals.
  • Never polish your discolored nails with any nail polish, leave them to breathe and also take care of the underlying issues.
  • Do not shave calluses.
  • Never perform any DIY surgery on your nails or ingrown nails as there are chances for infections.
  • You can perform any hard work out or make some good wall yoga pose so that your feet will feel healthy and strong.
  • Go for foot massages as they can provide a soothing relief and keep your feet clear, attractive and strong.
  • Make use of the tennis ball and roll under your feet.
  • Give a vinegar soak for your feet as they can take away the irritation caused in your foot with ease.
  • You can make use of thick socks as they protection your skin when compared to regular light socks.
  • With the help of the pumice stone, rub your callus during shower or bathing.
  • You can relieve the pressure in your feet by using corn pads on your foot.
  • To dissolve the calluses and corns, you can apply salicylic acid to your feet, it should be applied as per the directions or else there are high chances for the skin to get damaged. In the case of diabetes patients, make sure you are using any acid treatment for your feet as it may take more time to cure if something terrible is caused.
  • Wear foot orthotics as per the prescription.

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Bottom Line

Younger people often have more care towards their feet and they even sacrifice the pain and other stuffs for their beauty and style. As people get aged they lose the interest in taking care of their beauty especially their feet, take care of your feet at any age so that you can neglect any discomfort and pain in the future. In case of severe feet pain, you need to consult as podiatrists and make sure your tappers are in good condition.

Keeping an eye on your feet for pain, changes, irritation and other stuff is important, be mindful about the beauty products or other items that you wear or apply on your feet to maintain them healthy.

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