Top 6 Amazing Korean Beauty Secrets For Flawless Skin

Undoubtedly, Korean men and women clearly know that what it takes to look gorgeous, and flaunt flawless & ageless skin. This is why, today everyone wants to know about the Korean beauty secrets that naturally enhance the beauty and radiance of the skin while making it look completely immaculate.

Korean beauty is all about using natural skin care products and following a strict skin care regime. These natural Korean beauty secretsensure that the skin stays healthy, firm and away from the signs of aging.

The unblemished and glowing skin of Korean women is the proof that you don’t just need expensive skin care products and creams to maintain your beauty. All you need is to dedicate some time to your skin, follow your skin care regime religiously and try the natural Korean skin care tips.

The skin care of Koreans is no different than the other parts of the world. The Korean women also focus on CTM (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing) the skin, but, they do it differently and ensure that their skin does not come in contact with any harmful chemicals which may ruin its beauty over the time.

If you are wondering that “how to get Korean skin naturally“, then you need not to worry. In this post, we are sharing some typical Korean homemade beauty secrets, that will help you get spot free, uniform and glowing skin that looks firm, radiant and beautiful.

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Top 6 Best Korean Beauty Secrets

  1. Sun Protection is Important

One of the things that has an extreme impact on the skin is the sun. The UVA and the UVB rays of the sun not only damage the skin, but also make it age faster. As a result, the fine lines, blemishes and dark spots start appearing on the skin.

While one of the best ways to protect your skin fom the sun is by not going out in the sun, but, it’s not the complete solution, because the rays of the sun even enter your house or office.

That’s why, you need to invest in a sunscreen which can protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. While buying the sunscreen, don’t just focus on its SPF value (which should be high) but, also ensure that it provides protection against the UVA rays as well.

The PA+ rating on the sun screen indicates its UVA protection factor, and one should buy a sunscreen only after checking its PA+ value.

Also, while going out in the sun, protect your skin from coming in direct contact of the sun. Use a scarf to cover the skin and you can also use a hat to block the sun rays.

One of the biggest mistakes that we make while buying a sunscreen is that we purchase the chemicals ridden sunscreens, which instead of protecting the skin from the sun, actually, affect it due to the presence of kin damaging chemical compounds. So, preferably buy an organic sunscreen which doesn’t have any chemical compounds.

  • CTM (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing) Routine Is A Vital Daily Routine

Like all the other skin care regimes, a CTM routine is also considered vital in Korean skin care as well. You first need to cleanse your skin, then use a toner and then moisturize it to restore the hydration of the skin.

The CTM routine requires a good cleanser, and the Korean women prefer using an oil based cleanser which can help in getting rid of the makeup and dust which has accumulated over the face during the day. The oil based cleanser melts the makeup and dirt accumulated in the pores of the skin.

Korean women believe in double cleansing, and thus, after cleansing their face with an oil based cleanser, they use a regular foam or water based cleaning solution. For this they apply the famous 424 technique.

In “424” technique, one needs to cleanse their face with an oil based cleanser for 4 minutes. For 4 minutes, you have to massage the cleanser so that it can dissolve all the dirt, grime and makeup. Then, 2 minutes for the foaming face wash and then again, 4 minutes of rinsing the skin with water, where you need to start with the lukewarm water and end the 4 minutes long water splashing with cold water.

A toner is very effective in shrinking the pores on the skin, which is common in women over 30 years of age. Toner also nourishes and refreshes the skin.

After using the cleanser and toner, the oil is stripped off the skin and thus, you need to add some hydration back to the skin. For this, Korean women use an essence which not only provides the moisturizing to the skin, but also helps in balancing its pH while making the skin look brighter.

  • A Rejuvenating Facial Is Necessary

The Korean women understand the significance of a rejuvenating facial and thus, spend a high amount of their income to visit salons for a professional facial.

The facial not only only thoroughly cleansing the skin, but also the skin is hydrated properly through an hour long facial massage. The massage also helps in relaxing the muscles that delay the process of natural aging.

The face mask applied at the end of the facial helps in rejuvenating the skin and replenishing it with the natural elements that boost the firmness of the skin while making it supple.

  • Adequate Hydration Of the Skin Is Essential

One of the biggest Korean beauty secrets is drinking a lot of fluids, they can add a healthy glow to their skin.  They start their day by drinking water and keep on drinking a lot of water throughout the day.

Not only water, but they also make raw vegetables and fruits a vital part of their diet because of the fiber and juice content present in them.

Hydration of the skin keeps it supple and accelerates natural skin replenishing process, due to which the new cells keep on replacing the old dead cells while maintaining glow on the skin.

Drinking adequate water can also help in curing acne and preventing the growth of new acne. It also helps in preventing and curing under eye dark circles.

They also prefer using sheet masks loaded with the hydrating ingredients to keep the skin hydrated, dewy, moisturized and youthful looking.

  • Water Splashing On Skin Can Help In Reducing the Size Of the Pores

The Koreans splash their skin with a lot of water, and it helps them to maintain their flawless skin.

Splashing the skin with cold water for a couple of minutes can help in getting the radiant and glowing skin.

Also, at night, when you are indulging in the CTM routine, rinsing your face for about 4 minutes can enhance the beauty of the skin. Start with the lukewarm water and then gradually, end with the cold water. This will help in closing the pores of the skin.

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  • Honey and Egg White Facial Mask

One of the facial masks that Korean women love to put on their skin is the egg white and honey mask.

Mix the a spoon full of honey with one egg white and stir them well. Apply this blend on your face and let the mask get dry. Once it dries up, you can rinse your face with water. Apply this mask once a fortnight.

This mask will tighten your skin pores, dry out the pimples and will make your skin radiant by lightening the dark spots.

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Start following these Korean beauty tips to improve the texture of your skin, and turn your skin from dull & lifeless to radiant & gorgeous.

Consistency is the key to achieve success in any beauty regime, and it is also one of the underlying requisites of the Korean beauty care as well.

Taking care of the skin is important and you cannot skip your skin care regime, especially at night before sleeping. If you pamper your skin at night, you’ll always wake up with fresh and radiant skin.

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