How To Use Green Coffee For Weight Loss?

Green Coffee For Weight Loss

After green tea, if there’s another green beverage that has been attracting a lot of attention off lately, then it has to be “Green Coffee“. Known for it’s unique health boosting properties, there are a lot of health experts who are recommending the green coffee for weight loss these days.

If you are wondering that what green coffee is, then, its the same coffee beans, which you have been drinking for years. The only difference is that the coffee beans, which we use on a regular basis are roasted, while the green coffee is all natural. The beans are not processed or roasted.

As the coffee beans in the green coffee are unroasted ones, they are known to possess high concentrations of chlorogenic acid. Also, the amount of caffeine present in green coffee is much lesser as compared to the regular coffee.

The green coffee benefits are a result of its high amount of chlorogenic acid, and other natural compounds that are present in it.

As the chlorogenic acid inhibits the accumulation of visceral fat (belly fat), it is recommended for weight loss. Several health experts are supporting the argument that one can efficiently burn fat with green coffee, and can prevent further fat accumulation.

How Green Coffee Helps in Losing Weight?

The coffee beans naturally possess a high concentration of two phytochemicals – chlorogenic acid and caffeine. Out of these two, chlorogenic acid has the ability to inhibit the fat accumulation in the belly area.

But, when the coffee beans are roasted, the chlorogenic acid gets destroyed and that’s why, the regular black coffee or your espresso don’t have weight loss properties. But the green coffee beans, which aren’t roasted are rich in both – chlorogenic acid as well as weight loss qualities.

Apart from weight loss, the chlorogenic acid offers many other health benefits as well. These include:

  • Chlorogenic acid accelerates the fat metabolism while helping in preventing the fat absorption
  • Normalizes the obesity including hormones
  • Controls the blood sugar spikes and lowers down the blood sugar
  • Chlorogenic acid reduces the absorption of sugar in the body, and which further helps in weight loss
  • Improves insulin sensitivity by down-regulating the genes responsible for inflammation-induced weight gain in people.
  • When tested on mice, the chlorogenic acid has been found to reduce the cholesterol levels and plasma triglycerides in mice.
  • Supports liver detoxification
  • Keeps you full for a long time and thus, helps you stay away from unhealthy snacks
  • Improves brain activity and blood circulation in the body.

How To Include Green Coffee In Your Routine and Diet?

The green coffee beans after being plucked from the plants, are soaked in water and then are concentrated for creating the extract. The extract of these beans has a much higher concentration of the chlorogenic acid as compared to the fresh beans.

Apart from this, the green coffee bean extract also possesses many other nutrients and natural compounds which enhance the health in multiple ways.

The green coffee can be consumed in many ways to enhance the weight loss and decrease the fat deposited around the belly area.

Here are some amazing ideas to make green coffee a part of your regular routine.

1. A Cup of Green Coffee

Just like the regular cup of coffee, you can prepare the green coffee. All you need to do is use a coffee grinder to grind down your green coffee beans, and if you have other forms of green coffee like powder, granules etc. you can use that directly.

Now, brew a cup of green coffee and drink it. Don’t add sugar or any other artificial sweetener to the coffee to enable it to speed up your weight loss.

2. A Cup Of Green Coffee With Weight Loss Enhancers

There are many natural weight loss enhancers, which when mixed with green coffee can help in accelerating the overall weight loss process. For instance, after brewing the coffee you can add mint leaves, crushed ginger or half a teaspoon of turmeric powder to it. All these have much natural weight loss and inflammation reducing properties that can make your weight loss process a bit faster.

Apart from these, you can also try using cinnamon. Simply, steep a one-inch long cinnamon stick in a cup of water overnight. The next morning, prepare your coffee with this water to accelerate the overall weight loss.

Side Effects Of Green Coffee

Though, the green coffee is extremely beneficial for health and can accelerate the weight loss, but, if taken in excess it can induce some side effects as well.

The major side effects of green coffee include headache, nausea, indigestion, insomnia, fatigue, depression, anxiety, ringing ears, loss of magnesium and calcium from the body.

Also, the green coffee consumption can interfere with the blood pressure, diabetes, and antidepressant drugs. So, before you start consuming the green coffee, do consult your doctor.

The caffeine present in the green coffee can react with the supplements or drugs which you are currently taking.

How Much Green Coffee to Take for Weight Loss?

If you are wondering that how much green coffee should you consume to support weight loss, it’s important to understand that excess of anything is bad. Thus, your intake of green coffee must not exceed 3 cups a day. Also, if possible, opt for organic green coffee.

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Also, remember that the dosage of chlorogenic acid should be limited to 200 mg per day, and in any scenario, should never exceed 400 mg in a single day.

Also, to avoid the side effects, avoid drinking green coffee immediately after a meal. Instead, you can have it before meal.

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The best time to drink green coffee is:

  • Before the breakfast in the morning
  • Before lunch in the afternoon
  • With a healthy snack in the evening
  • Before or after a workout in the morning

So, grab your cup of green coffee now and start losing that stubborn fat!!!!

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